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Manufacturing Event Monitoring (MEM)

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Whether you need to monitor: Power On/Off, Cycle Start/Stop, Spindle On/Off, Feed Rate, Delay and Repair Time and other key factors for your business to increase productivity and lower production cost, our team can help.





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Go WireFree®

Recognizing that the traditional approach of Ethernet or RS 232 wiring between CNC machine tools and front office applications is limited, CNC Computer Integration, LLC has pioneered the WireFreeShop®.

WireFree Advantages

WireFreeCNC® products provide high speed, reliable Local Area Networking in the extremely noisy electrical environment of the modern CNC machine shop.
Once converted to a WireFreeShop®, CNC Computer Integration, LLC can supply a variety of applications that take advantage of its DRP™ (Data Relay Point) technology.

The WireFreeShop® products have been installed in tandem with CNC machine tools in shops of all sizes across the globe.

WireFree Terminal for
Work in Progress or time and attendance
Remote Trouble Dialogistics